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Volunteers are absolutely key to the success of the Sisu Youth mission – to ensure that young people experiencing adversity have a safe place to sleep, the security to dream and the support to make a positive impact on the world – and you can help!

Sisu Youth is continually seeking volunteers for Youth Support Specialists (overnight volunteers), community outreach, mentorship, office assistance, facility care, fundraising, donation collection and general program operations.

At Sisu Youth, volunteers are encouraged to get to know one another, to have fun and to take pride in their commitment to strengthening their community and improving the lives of Oklahoma City metro youth.

If you feel that you have the heart and the time to share your skills (even just once per month) with the Sisu Youth family, please complete the Volunteer Application below. A member of our volunteer team will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you do not hear back from us within three business days, please do no hesitate to contact us directly.

Sisu Youth Core Volunteers

What are Core Volunteers? The entire Sisu Youth Volunteer Team is absolutely vital and wholeheartedly cherished, however the implementation of Sisu Youth’s core programs is almost entirely dependent upon the work of these particular volunteers. We could not shelter youth overnight without the generous time volunteered by the Youth Support Specialists. We could not help connect youth to all the opportunities available to them in the day program without the kindness and concern of the Goal Achievement Counselors. And, without the Community Outreach Team we certainly could not reach out and educate the community about youth at risk of homelessness as well as we do.

Please consider volunteering your time as a one of the following Core Volunteers (Volunteer Application located at bottom of page):

Youth Support Specialist – “The most vital position in all of Sisu Youth Programming.” YSS’s are specifically trained and vetted volunteers who work directly with youth enrolled in the emergency shelter “Dorm” program. Volunteers are the power behind Sisu Youth being able to offer shelter to the hundreds of teens facing homelessness each night in the metro area. YSS trainees must be age 25 or older, or currently a student/employee in a behavioral/health/youth-related field. The background check fee is $15, but no other training fees are required.

Clothing Closet Volunteer (running the actual closet not processing donations) – To volunteer to staff the clothing closet you must be at least 25 years old. Volunteer Application and $15 background check required.

Volunteer Application

* If you are planning on volunteering to become a Youth Support Specialist (YSS) or to help in the clothing closet you must undergo a background check prior to your first shift. Those who help with fundraising and events are not required to submit a background check as they will not interact with youth.






Are you volunteering as a representative of a particular organization or company?
If yes, provide us with the name of the organization or company.

Date of Birth




What area(s) of volunteering are you most interested in?

Youth Support Specialist, Clothing Closet Volunteer, Administrative, Other

What times of the week are you able to volunteer with Sisu Youth?

Tell us about your past volunteer experience, if any.

Do you have friends or family members who volunteer with Sisu Youth?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Past criminal conviction does not necessarily bar an applicant from volunteering with Sisu Youth, Inc. The nature of the offense will be taken into consideration before a decision is made. Screening must be made before volunteers work directly with Sisu clients.

Do you agree to have a background check?*

For the safety of Sisu Youth enrollees, volunteers, community partners and staff, at least 2 (two) reference checks are completed on every volunteer and staff applicant. References are required to consist of one acquaintance, supervisor or colleague and one family member.

Thanks so much for completing the Sisu Youth Volunteer Application. We'd love to know how you heard about us, and what inspired you to become a volunteer. Leave us a story!

Tell us about and special skills or areas of interest that you are interested in utilizing while volunteering with Sisu.

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